Color and Zoom – In Black and White

Color’s half birthday 2017

This is Color and Zoom.   This photo is from the very first picture session that I shot in manual mode and set the exposure triangle correctly.    I was so excited to be capturing these images of Color’s half birthday – her bright pink nightgown, vivid rainbow colors of the cake, her polka dot party hat – that I just kept shooting without ever reviewing each shot as I took them.   Big mistake!    After the photo opp was lost and the cake was eaten, I picked up my camera only to realize they had been taken in black and white!   I was heartbroken and immediately commenced googling “how to turn black and white pictures to color.”   Of course there isn’t a way to do this with the standard DSLR, and maybe someday I’ll get my hands on some type of software that can doctor these pictures up for me and add back the vividness of this morning.   But for now this will serve as my first Color and Zoom post.   It’s a great symbolism of my just starting out on this new journey.   I am just learning photography!    This blog will show my progress (I hope) and tell the story of my experience of motherhood from the perspective of a camera lens – for the purpose of art, inspiration (mine as well as the readers), and the bonds of motherhood.   My life is full of Color and Zoom, and this blog will be too.   Enjoy.

Color loves frosting!

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